Heidi NC (mystalkershrine) wrote in component_help,
Heidi NC

CSS Layout Wrong for S2?

If you have issues with a layout you got or bought from another community or website, go ask for help there.
Oh, I don't have issues with the layout. I just have issues with the installation. The author says that LJ doesn't use CSS in their custom styles for S2, but I know that's not true. The layout I'm questioning is located here My only question is why is it that the code I'm pastingdoesn't work in S2? :s I'm trying to use a theme layer, is that the reason why it's not working? Near as I can tell (as I'm good at "speaking" html/css...or at least good enough to realize if it's gonna be able to work or not), the CSS coding is perfect and should work...but is it because there's not HTML coding that it's not working? Is it because it doesn't have modifying functions...does it need modifying functions?

And most importantly, is this the right place to ask this? Cause I really don't mind moving my question to another community. As far as I could tell, you didn't have anything in the FAQ about css.

Also, is there a option in Dreamweaver that lets me code in S2 style? Cause I have Dreamweaver, and I like that it points out mistakes for me immediately for me to correct, so it's easier to figure out what works and doesn't work. So, if there's a option in Dreamweaver for coding S2, I can likely be able to answer future questions like this myself.

Thank you for your time in reading and/or answering this post =)

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