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Adding search to journal

From the main LJ page (or userinfo pages) I want to put this:

<LABEL for=SearchTerm>Search:</LABEL> <INPUT id=SearchTerm size=15 name=q> <LABEL for=SearchType>Category:</LABEL> <SELECT id=SearchType name=type> <OPTION value=nav_and_user selected>Site &amp; Username</OPTION> <OPTION value=nav>Site</OPTION> <OPTION value=user>Username</OPTION> <OPTION value=email>E-mail</OPTION> <OPTION value=region>Region</OPTION> <OPTION value=int>Interest</OPTION> <OPTION value=aolim>AOL IM</OPTION> <OPTION value=icq>ICQ Number</OPTION> <OPTION value=yahoo>Yahoo! ID</OPTION> <OPTION value=msn>MSN Username</OPTION> <OPTION value=jabber>Jabber</OPTION></SELECT> <INPUT type=submit value=Search>&nbsp;

into a component because I use it constantly. Only, I can't get it to work.

Any suggestions?

*Edit. It didnt show up. Its the search box from main page, or a user info page.. near the top right under the icon.. where you type a search string and choose from the drop-down user name, interest, email, etc etc.

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