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calendar component

OK, I know what project I want to work on now. First, I need to know if it's possible at all (or if it's already available, for that matter), and then second I need pointers to the code that I'll need to modify.

What I'd like to do is this: create a calendar component like the standard one, but that shadows/marks only the dates corresponding to the entries actually being shown. Right now, if my calendar component displays, it is a generic one for all my entries regardless of which specific entries I've chosen. So for example if I choose to display those entries with a particular tag, I'd like the calendar to reflect that.

I think that should be doable, but what I need is the code for creating the calendar component, and knowledge of what the currently selected entries are. I don't know how completely doable this is, since I don't know how easy/difficult it would be for it to calculate next/prev entries unless the underlying scheme gives you all the possible entries with markers for the start/end of the current display (eg the current twenty or whatever you have it set to).

Did this make sense? I'm not asking for the resulting code :D I want to hack it up myself if I can...

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