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theme switching?

I've been searching around but haven't seen this covered. Apologies if I missed it.

Is there anyway to use your theme layers like different skins? Basically, what I'd like to do is have buttons on my layout that allow me to change from one theme to another, the equivilent of what would be switching between styles or skins on a website, but here on my LJ. *Without* having to go into the customize page and selecting one of the themes listed there.

Each of the themes has a 7-digit ID number, couldn't that be used in some sort of way to do this? Sort of like how 'style=mine' can override other people's layouts, can that layer ID number be used to override my default theme on command?

Hopefully this makes sense. :-) Thanks!

ETA: Just found this and am trying to adapt it. Does this only work with changing the "layout" and not the theme IDs? I tried doing it with my theme id numbers and it ignored them.

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