ROKK \m/ ON (rokkstah) wrote in component_help,

i've rearranged the code for my entries, and it's only doing half of what i want. right now i have it set like this » subject - username. i really just wanted that for my friends page, however it is showing up on my recent page too. it's not necessary to have it there since i'm the only one posting there obviously. is there a way i can make it so it only does that on my friends page? it's simply there since i set it to NOT show my friends' user icons. *if that makes any sense* also, it only works that way if the writer has specified a subject. how would i code it to just show the poster even if there is no subject?

here's the code i used:
< div class="entryHeader">< a href="$e.permalink_url">$e.subject< /a> - $e.poster< /div>

one more thing, is there any way i can remove the corners of the entry box??
thanks in advance :D

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