Starlarn (starlarn) wrote in component_help,

Transparency, stylesheets, and possible changes in the s2 system since last year?

Firstly, I'd like to apoligise since my entry is going to be rather jumbled.
But here go:

The last time I worked with S2 was over a year ago and it seems things have changed since then. I never really knew how it worked in the first place, I'd just find the right codes here, edit them to my needs and eventually get them working (with help, of course!).
Now before if I wanted a header image AND a background it had to be worked into the code. But now I'm able to use just a header image code and then edit the background in the ordinary customization section. Which obviously means something has changed since I last touched S2.
Do we still use stylesheets? I know I had problems with them before but I recall having to sort it out if I wanted to set my transparency (which is really what I'm trying to sort out at the moment.)
The stylesheet code I had saved on my computer from a year ago doesn't seem to even compile anymore which is why I was wondering if something has changed. If nothing has changed then it may be easier for me to buy a 2 month paid account for my other account which has all my old customizations so that I can gain access to them.
However if there have been significant changes in the S2 system then how is transparency obtained now if not through a stylesheet? And have the changes in the system made it easier or harder to work with?

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