that's me. (jinxmalone) wrote in component_help,
that's me.


I've noticed some odd business happening in component lately, some good, some...wonky.

It seems that the friends page title you give on the 'edit info' page now shows up on your friends page, that's a nice touch.

The font size thing is still off--I did see that there was a fix posted here for it, but I'm curious to know if anyone has any clues as to when/if it'll be changed in the code itself. If there's no hard and fast date then I'll just bend and use the fix.

The strangest thing I've noticed has to do with userpictures. I'm sort of dumb as regards getting my point across sometimes, so bear with me.


While I never set my component customizations to include my userpicture with each entry, when I would check my comments, the image I selected would show up at the head of the post. That is to say, it would show up at the top, along with all the comments on the entry.

When you click the link to leave a comment, it still appears at the head of the entry. But in the comment thread itself, it doesn't show up anymore.

Has anyone else noticed this?

And, more importantly, do I even make any damned sense?

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