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CSS changes causing layout problems - FIXED!

NOTE: Thanks to kunzite1, this problem has been fixed!

The recent CSS changes at LJ have wreaked havoc on my layout. I am virtually clueless when it comes to S2 coding and CSS in general, and yet my layout had been working for two years prior to today's changes. I had a setup done with rotating header banners, and now the banners are showing up as background in the cracks of my layout instead of centred above the "user info", "friends", etc. bar on top of the page. If anyone could help me troubleshoot or teach me another way to get my rotating banners onto my layout without having to do major coding, I would love you forever.

Layer ID - 3049055

How It Should Look - 15 rotating banners centered on top of the navbar (on which "user info", etc. are also centred), on a component layout done in various shades of pink with scrolling boxes underneath my links on the right hand side of the screen ("Hearing", "Watching", "Reading", and "Current Random Obsessions")

How It's Currently Screwed Up - My banners are showing up as rotating backgrounds (peeking through the cracks in the main body of the layout) instead of staying centred on top of the page.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has suggestions that might help.

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