Nicole (navygreen) wrote in component_help,

CSS request - FIXED.

Hi there. I've been checking back all day, and I see that my problem is very similar to that of sisterelwood: my banner won't display at the top of my journal (either in my recent entries or my friends' page), but everything else works just fine.

(Specifically, I had a banner across the top of my journal, over the orange background. It did not "underlap" any component boxes, entries, etc. - just sat nicely atop everything on my journal. The main page and my friends' page looked the same when loaded. And the banner - along with the space for it - disappeared this morning.)

LayerID: 1698773

I'm really not very good at this type of thing, and I've tried reading through the document given to the above user for help, but it's practically Greek to me. Specifically, what I need is to be told exactly what lines I need to remove/replace, and exactly what text should be substituted in.

Thank you for any help you can give. Sadly, I helped six or seven other users implement this exact layout for their own journals, and we are all "up a creek" right now because of my lack of knowledge in this particular area. :-/

Problem Fixed - thank you kunzite1!

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