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a note from your glorious leader

attn: kruel_angel, onedozenroses & selloutgirl.

y'all didn't read my rant.

in selloutgirl's situation, she finally read it when she was coherent and figured out her issue.

i want a select amount of information.

your layerid number.
your layer to be viewable.
what is wrong?
what is it supposed to look like?
a link to your s2-provided external stylesheet.
a link to any other external stylesheets that you may be using.
if your s2-provided external stylesheet is mostly blank and has a /* SUSPECT CSS */ warning, include the warning.
if you have any other external stylesheets that are mostly blank and have a /* SUSPECT CSS */ warning, include the warnings.

no more. no less.

i expect the same from everyone else who is having problems.

answers to a couple questions that have been asked:
my Page::print_custom_head() css overrides aren't working, how do i fix them?
add !important just before each semicolon (;).

my header is fucked, how do i fix it?
one: use s&c (found on right side of layout).
two: use fix to above question.

my font is hosed, how do i fix it? my font is entered in the wizard but it's not showing up in my stylesheet, how do i fix it?
one: wait until they fix a bug that they created. they're discussing it in their bugtracker program.
two: use Page::print_custom_head() with !important rules to override the font used.
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