Brown Eyed Girl (browneyedgirl65) wrote in component_help,
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really really cranky

WTF did they DO to the layout stuff? It looks like it absolutely utterly refuses to pay attention to any font-size settings to .userTitle and .userSubTitle. So the only solution I see is to entirely replace the header component with my own (and likely using renamed versions of usertitle/subtitle) in order to fix this. Which is fucking insane because the whole POINT of css is to be able to define these things, wave your hands a little, and have the effect you want without reinventing the wheel.

Did they seriously muck this up to the point that you have to put in an entire custom component just to freaking change the FONT SIZE in the header? Everything else still seems to work, I can move it around with text-align, alter the letter-spacing and so on. Just not the font size. WHAT GIVES?

Ok. Rant over. Back to the drawing board. It just unbelievably cranks me when something that worked stops working and I touched NOTHING.



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