Guess (lauren) wrote in component_help,

(Solved) Customizing the Calendar Component

I want to know if something is possible before I waste any more time trying to achieve what I want.

Is it possible to change the forward & back arrow images in the mini calendar component? I have been having a hard time getting a different image to work. My main problem is that I can get the images to be replaced when the page initially loads, but when you actually use the back/forward arrows to go to another month in the calendar, they revert back to the old arrows.

I looked at the source code for the layout layer that was posted in the CVS & so I saw where the image URLs were used, etc. Basically, in my layer, I tried to set the property backarrow2 to a different URL. This works, but only when you initially load the page. Once the function "inner" runs, the image reverts back. I looked at the source again & then tried to override the physical URLs in the function MonthPage::print. This will change the images when you view the calendar page outside of the iframe with the ?.ical=true argument added onto the URL, but it won't work in the iframe itself. I just can't get this thing to work!

Also, to anyone that views the layer source, I'm currently messing around with Component & not trying to make a gorgeous layout yet, so ignore the colors, horrible images, etc etc.

Layer ID: 5904865

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