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Friends Page icons

Hihi, I'm in need of some massive help. My awesome friend had made me a component style layout because I'm utterly helpless with s2. Well, anyway. I love the layout, but I want to move the userpics on my friends page from the entry box on the right to on top of the username/comm name on the left. (Like regular component has it.) I tried to search this community to what I was exactly looking for, but truth is, I have no idea.

So, I'm all but begging for help with this, LOL. I guess I can just copy-paste what I'm messing with now under the cut and if I could just be pointed to what to change/what to add I'll love you forever. LOL.

Thanks much in advance! (Don't mind the colors on my page, I'm messing with them from an old layout. XD)

EDIT: Sorry, took out the coding.

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