jayne (_uncensored) wrote in component_help,

me again

i figured it out. thanks for those who responded.

i know i've already made a previous request and i've already taken a look at customizing the entries v4.0. I was wondering what part of the coding do i extract to put into my own so that the tags show up under my music/mood.

my codes to the music/mood section:

"""</div><div class="entry">""";

  if ($e.metadata{"mood"}!="") {
    # first we need a spacer after the entry text
    # and then we print the mood label, followed by a mood icon if one exists, followed by the mood text.
    # If you want the mood icon to be after the mood text, then you need to change the order of the two lines in red.
    """<b> $*text_meta_mood  </b>""";
    if  (defined $e.mood_icon)  { """ $e.mood_icon """; }  print $e.metadata{"mood"};
     if ($e.metadata{"music"}=="") { """   <br>  """; }
  # If we have music to print
  if ($e.metadata{"music"}!="") {
    # If we didn't print a spacer because the mood was empty, then print one
    if ($e.metadata{"mood"}=="") { """  <br>     """; }
    # then print the actual music label and the music
    """<b> $*text_meta_music : </b>"""; print $e.metadata{"music"} ;
    """ <br><br>    """;



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