O (olivialove) wrote in component_help,

need help with print_free_text(Page p)

okay this is probably a really stupid question. But forgive me, I have only been doing this advanced customization on S2 for 2 days now. For years I have been using S1.

okay when I am trying to add more components to the "print_free_text(Page p)"

I keep getting this error message
"didn't find closing brace in statement block"

I know I am opening and closing this thing wrong. I so far have one print_free_text(Page p) and it compiled fine with no errors, but when I try to add any more tutorials I get some type of error message. My question is. Since I've already got a print_free_text(Page p) am I supposed to put additional codes for that under the same section or open a whole new one? and if I have too open a whole new one what would the opening look like? cause I have been doing this above the new tutorials I have been pasting-

" function print_free_text(Page p) {"

and it doesn't work.

I'm going to keep researching. But if any one could help I'd really appreciate it. thanks in adavance.

**** EDIT okay now that the tutorials are compliing with no errors, thanks to elfwench they don't show up on the recent entries page.

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