Benjamin Dodson (benjamindodson) wrote in component_help,
Benjamin Dodson

Fixed Width Journal Problem!

Hello All,

I've been browsing for ages through all of the tutorials, etc, but can't seem to find anything to fix my problem. I've decided to create a centered component journal and to set the width of the page at 760px. However, whenever I view comments that have been posted, or try to add a comment (and probably on lots of other pages as well), the page stretches over 760px. It makes the page look quite bad as it has a fixed header and borders, etc.

What I need to know is how I can actually fix the width at 760px regardless of content (e.g. force the content to wrap), OR how to remove the right hand side components on every page bar the front page (i.e. like I have on my friends page)

You can read my custom theme code here -

Thank you in advance (and many thanks to everyone who has posted tutorials that I've used - far too many names to mention here ;-)

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