I was born to do this dance... (sexcasually) wrote in component_help,
I was born to do this dance...

horizontal scrollbars on friends page

this has kind of been something thats been bugging me. i used a modified scrollbar in entry code, and well it works wonders on my recent entries, but i cant figure out why only the vertical scrollbar works on my friend page, but the horizontal scrollbar does not. ive been searching this comm for a few hours, and i cant find the answer. sorry if im being a total twit here, but could someone help me, or point me in the direction of code that actually works.

my layerid is 5591519, if that helps.

eta: i think i fixed the problem. there was a bit of code that i stupidly forgot to add. thank you so much uniquewonders, you really helped me out big time! thanks for your patience. :)

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