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I've searched everywhere but wasn't able to find answers to these questions.

1. If you go to my journal you can see my bg image has spaces in it, any way to fix it?
2. How do I go about removing the little white lines between the links in my nav bar?

Thanks for the help!

Title your entry, please. Thanks!
i'd like to know whats the code to add a header if its not in the coding :(
Title your entry, please. Thanks!
Right now, my userpics are set to the left and I would like them to be set on the right instead; is it possible to do so?

My codes here. Thank you!
I want to make either "A" or "B" in the below example and image instead of a color. However, in my code, these are listed as:

Image of where I meanCollapse )

set comp_bgcolor = "#171717";
set comp_fgcolor = "#ffffff";
set entry_bgcolor = "#272727";
set header_bgcolor = "#000000";
set header_fgcolor = "#5e5e5e";

Can I make one of these a tiling image, like a background? For example, like in this layout I made of Smooth Sailing? rebel_shop The pixel fluer de lis on the side of the entries?

Hi everyone.

LJ recently added a "spam" button in the comment linkbar. I use a tutorial to display my own images instead of the standard LJ buttons, but after the change there's the link text "spam" right in between my custom linkbar images:

Example and code under this cutCollapse )


Okay, I've kept going through the source codes and I figured it out for my layout code. I've got no idea if this solution works with all other tutorials.

Solution to change the image or delete the spam button completelyCollapse )
Edit: I started this entry originally asking for code and just ended up doing it myself so I posted it under the cut)


If I or someone else wants to reply to a journal entry in my journal, the link opens to the reply mode screen and reply form which has an obnoxious list of things that just really don't apply.

It looks like THIS

image under the cutCollapse )


I have some code that should remove all of it completely. *Enter it into a css portion of the Theme Layer.*

After the CSSCollapse )
hello. it's been forever and a day since i've been here. sorry. :(

i know that the tutorial entries are hosed. sorry. :(

i'm looking for someone who can get me up to speed on s2 and who can help me with the "get the tutorials rounded up and working again" project that i just now created.

i received a PM from raven_moon a while back and didn't receive a reply or maybe it got lost in the shuffle. please comment with a nomination for yourself or for someone else in the comments as a top-level comment. search to see if that person has already been nominated and reply to that comment instead of starting a new thread.

and... go!
Hi guys, I've been trying to figure out how to add a permalink to my entries in the comments_linkbar section. I'd like it to be aligned to the center but when i set var bool show_permalink to true, the permalink appears to the right and my comments images get pushed to the center. Is there a way for me to keep my linkbar on the side of my entries and have the permalink appear in the center as well?

Here's my code.

Thank you for the help!
Title your entry, please. Thanks!
I have a few questions. First I wanted to add the Control Panel/Log In Component thats located in the tutorial section, but the link is no longer available or something. I cannot access it. Would anyone be able to help me with that?

Also, I have a probelm with my sidebar/component headers. I want the title to be centered, but I cannot for the life of me find a section in my code to do so. Can anyone help me?

I'm also wanting to have different font sizes within my sidebar/component itself Like Here and I'm not sure whats in my code thats holding me back from being able to do so.

here is the layout code
i would like my subject headers to be all linked to the actual entry. my layout source is here. i've seen others ask for the same help but no one's replied to them. ): i appreciate any help and thank you in advance!