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Component Help

Questions and Answers about Component

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Help and tutorials for the Component layout

component_help aims at answering questions concerning the customization of the S2 layout Component.

∗∗∗ Important ∗∗∗

» Component is reserved to Permanent, Paid and Plus users, and Style System 2 users.

» component_help will not help you with the use of Component on any other site than livejournal.com. Using it elsewhere is illegal.

» component_help will not help you with pre-made layouts. Ask their makers for help. Also keep in mind that selling Component "codes" is illegal.

» Read our posting rules and follow them, please. Otherwise, your post will be subject to deletion.

» Updates and known issues are announced on our homepage.

∗∗∗ Posting Rules ∗∗∗

Before You Write Your Post

» Read our Beginners' Guide to understand how to use our tutorials.
» Browse the Tutorials, Memories, Tags and Recent Posts to make sure your question hasn't already been answered.
» You can also use the Advanced Search area of Google to search within the site.
» Become a member to be able to post.

When You Write Your Post

» Don't lock your post or disable comments.
» Title your post. Try to make it meaningful (Help! is not meaningful.).
» Make your code viewable. Never post code in a text box. Never post your whole code.
» Always put screencaps and code behind lj-cuts.
» Follow our guidelines if you want to tag your post.

Once You've Posted

» If you have more questions about the same topic, edit your post.
» If you have a long list of questions, edit your post to indicate which ones have been answered.
» Do not strikeout or delete your post. It can't be used as a FAQ otherwise. :/

Thank you for reading.

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